Inheriting a proud tradition,
We aim for further growth.

In 2016 Taisei Junior High School celebrated the 25th anniversary of its creation.
Our world has become more global, and at the same time we share many international challenges. In order to
build an advanced society in such a world, each individual must be a strong leader that can face intractable
problems and challenges using their education,
a flexible mind, and sophisticated communication skills.
At Taisei we seek to educate young adults
that always give 100%,
that strive for knowledge and intelligence, and
that communicate and cooperate well with their peers.

Our Education

Education at Taisei is built on a six-year curriculum that combines Junior and Senior High School.

English Language Teaching
English is a core part of our curriculum. It is taught not just as a subject, but as a useful tool for students to use as they enter the adult world. In-house speeches, essays, and presentation contests all contribute to developing students’ ability to use English as a means of communication.

International Education

Our school provides students with opportunities to meet people from abroad and to study oversees.
Some of these opportunities include:
A one week trip to Hawaii.
A four-week English language program in New Zealand.
One to two week English language programs to The Philippines, USA, etc.
Two week English Exchange Student Program with Australia
One-year study abroad programs to a number of countries.

We also host exchange students each year. Previous students have come from a number of countries including Brazil, Chile, Finland, Guatemala, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, USA, and Taiwan.

School Size

Number of students582

Number of classes 20

Overseas Training
English Language Program in New Zealand
English Language Program in The Philippines
English Exchange Program with Australia
English Language Program in U.S.A.

School Trip to Hawaii

International Education

School precepts:
Gratitude towards all life
Leading a life of independence
Simplicity and fortitude

1988 Taisei High School Established
1992 Taisei Junior High School Established
1992 New Multipurpose Field Built
1995 New School Building Constructed
1999 Dormitory Constructed
2001 Ratonadia Course Becomes Coeducational
2003 Taisei Junior High School Becomes Coeducational
2006 Aichi Shinwa Gakuen Educational Corporation Established
2008 General Course Becomes Coeducational.
2012 General Course Renamed Proudia Course
2014 English Study Abroad Course Established

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< Address > 1878-2 Daifukuden, Oyama, Chiaki-Cho, Ichinomiya-Shi, Aichi-Ken, Japan

Taisei is located in Ichinomiya City a city famous for its strong textile industry. Our school can be reached by public transportation from both Nagoya City and Gifu City in less than thirty minutes.

Studea Course

Traditional Teaching1

Competency Test
Japanese, English and Math review tests are taken each Monday. These tests focus on the unit learnt in the week prior, and has an established passing grade. If students are not able to pass this test, they will undertake supplementary lessons, and will be able to overcome units they struggle with.

Traditional Teaching2

Split Ability Class
From the third year of junior high school, classes will be split depending on student’s ability. This way, the students will be able to advance at a rate appropriate for their level.

Traditional Teaching3

Seminar for strengthening weak subjects
In the week before an exam, the school holds a seminar which can be taken as a measure to help them with the upcoming exams.

Traditional Teaching4

Study Camp
A 3 night, 4 day camp will be held during summer vacation. This camp is not just about study, it’s also a great chance to learn about social norms in a group environment. Because of this, students will grow a lot mentally during this trip.

Traditional Teaching5

Special Supplementary Class
This is a supplementary class for students who have a high level of ability and want to polish this even more. This class is targeted for 4th to 6th year junior high school students. They can challenge themselves with high level problems, and look to succeeding in entering an elite university.

School Events

Studea Festa PE

A festival where 6 groups, each group spanning across all grades, will compete against each other. The Junior High School 5th grade students being the core of the group, will help lead their team. This is an event where the students are competing in unison regardless of grade.

Studea Festa Culture

This event is focused around the members of the student council. The first day will include a choir performance, violin performance and flute performance. (The students will be practicing the violin and flutes during music class). On the second day, each class will perform a play which they wrote. The background music, clothes, stage setting and so on will have all been prepared by the students, so they can get a sense of using co-operation and teamwork to achieve their goal. This event will develop their sense of duty and leadership.

Agricultural Experience

Activities such as rice planting, seed planting, rice harvesting, and digging for sweet potatoes are undertaken as part of the agricultural experience. The students can get a taste of production labor, and get a feeling of the importance of food.

Kyoto Honzan Temple Visit

As an autumn excursion, the students will go to Shinshu Otani Ha Honzan Temple in Kyoto. They will visit the temple in the morning, and in the afternoon the students will be split into their grades, and be able to enjoy the sights of Kyoto.

Ski Trip

A 3 night, 4 day trip during winter vacation. Students who have no experience with skiing, to students who are masters at skiing, can all enjoy improving their abilities.

Global Future Course

The following three international exchange patterns are available to students
to undertake and be able to graduate in 3 years.
(If they choose the Bunkei course)
For students who choose the Rikei course,
they will be admitted into another course after international
and be able to graduate after 4 years.
a flexible mind, and sophisticated communication skills.

Canada Exchange Program

Period:Junior High School 4th grade August ~ Junior High School 5th Grade July
The students will be living with a host family,
and be attending a secondary school in Canada.

Cebu Island Exchange Program

Period: Junior High School 5th Grade April ~ July
While living in a dormitory,
the students will be able to undertake English lessons consisting of 5 hours of man to man lessons,
and 2 hours of group conversation lessons.

New Zealand Exchange Program

Period: Junior High School 5th grade April ~ July
Living with a host family,
the students will take an English lesson in the morning,
and participate in activities in the afternoon.